About Us


The House of Faith Floral Designs is a Christian shop owned and operated by the Faith Temple Church. All our arrangements are produced in-house by our highly skilled florists. Here at the House of Faith Designs we are appreciative of our customers. We are continually thriving to improve our service to our customers in and out of the state of Ohio.  


Our Story


House of Faith Floral Designs was birthed out of the House of Faith Gospel Music Shop at 10901 Union Avenue. In the music and gift shop we stocked small dish gardens (assorted green plants) for hospitals and little notions. One afternoon a lady, seeing the plants in the show window stopped in to ask if the store did funeral arrangements, thus; began the House of Faith Floral DesignsThe idea of the House of Faith Floral Designs. Russell Wainwright (Deacon) and John Thompson (pastor) had both worked in the floral business, so when the approach came they both knew just what to do and how to get the job done. There was limited space in the gift shop. Sometimes floral sprays can get kind of large. We found ourselves building something inside that we struggled to get outside! So we found a four car garage right next door to the Gift Shop that was for sale. With some remodeling and a little work on the building in 1993 the House of Faith Floral Designs moved into its own establishment at 10905 Union Avenue.